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The people and ideas behind Tips & Tricks for Magicians.

Who We Are

Ryan Pilling is the guy behind this project. Hello! I realized I love the process of creating a magic show just a little bit more than performing that magic show. So, this project allows me to focus on what I'm best at, and share the result with magicians around the world.

It is a one-man show for now, but we're thinking ahead to a time when other magical creators and teachers might join the team to offer more Tips & Tricks!

You can also connect with the Tips & Tricks Blog our Tips & Tricks Magic Shop and Tips & Tricks on Facebook.

What We Do

The objective of this site is to teach and share Tips & Tricks for Magicians. This is done in the format of an online course, combining videos, text, and downloadable files organized into lessons. It allows me to dig deep into the topics, while allowing students to choose their own learning adventure.

Generally, my interst is less about the tricks themselves and more about how the tricks exist in the world. The creative process behind the trick, how it might grow and change, how it can be a part of a live magical performance, and how it can make an impact on your audience.

How We Do It

Policy for Respecting Creator's Rights answers the question; "When is it okay to teach and share the work of another magician?" This was important to me as so much of my creative pursuits are inspired by digging into magic history.

Content Accessibility lays out how this site hopes to make quality magic instruction available for all magicians, regardless of barriers they may face.

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