Course Updates

A log of additions and updates to our growing collection of courses.

The latest updates are listed first, allowing you to easily find the answer to "what's new?" This is a complete list of changes. Some courses and lessons will only be available to members who have purchased certain items.

August 2021

  • New Course: *Gozintalopes**, a topological illusion with printable templates.
  • New Lesson: Added bonus routine Here and There Transpo to Gozintalopes course.

June 2021

  • New Lesson: Added The Turing Test to the Bi-Kolor Kut course, which features a new magical ending for the paper-cutting stunt.

May 2021

  • New Lesson: Added Shuffle-Bored of Directors handling to the Shuffle Prophecy course. An adaption for virtual and stage performances.

April 2021

  • New Lesson: Added Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza to the presentation ideas for Bi-Kolor Kut.
  • New Course: Work In Progress exclusively for Magician In Progress members, a place to organize ideas and tutorials not quite ready for their own course.
  • New Lesson: Added Eight Robbers to Work In Progress.
  • New Lesson: Added ESP Trio to Work In Progress. Performance only, for now.

March 2021

  • Launch of the new Tips & Tricks learning site!
  • New Course: The Magic of Karrell Fox with its first lesson on Thot-Dot with a modern update by Ryan Pilling.
  • New Course: Jokery Pokery tutorial for owners of this stage-sized card trick.
  • New Course: Stubborn Donkey - A paper puzzle becomes un-solvable.
  • New Course: Bi-Kolor Kut - with printable adaptations for this paper cutting stunt.
    • Update: New design for "Cats & Dogs" printable sheet.
  • New Course: Shuffle Prophecy presentation for Simon Aronson's Shuffle-Bored
  • New Course: Ryanvelopes - A versatile toolkit for making special envelopes, and the Two Thought Cards Across routine fully explained.
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