A brain-bending topological illusion where nothing seems to stay the same size.

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Watch Ryan perform the Gozintalopes routine, and other bonus variations.

3 videos

The Gozintalopes Routine

Printable Templates

Print the pages necesarry to create your own Gozintalopes.

1 video 12 downloads

Making Your Gozintalopes

From printing templates to cutting and glueing, everything you need to know about making your props.

3 videos

Routine and Handling

Learn the ins and outs of performing the Gozintalopes.

1 video

Re-Set and Reverse

Performing the routine from the inside out so you never need to re-set the props.

2 videos

Here To There Transpo

A bonus routine tailored to fit inside the Gozintalopes.

Templates and Making the Pieces

Print, laminate, tape and cut your way through this lesson. In the end, you'll have a set of pieces ready to perform.

3 videos 4 downloads

Handling Tutorial

Learn the Here to There routine, step by step.

3 videos

Through The Trapdoor

Robert Neale's Trapdoor illusion tucks nicely inside the envelopes to effect a moment of change.

"Inside The Fold" Demo and Tutorial

2 videos 4 downloads
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